“Robin In The Hood” – Huzzah!

Robin Hood Addresses the crowd from the Tournament Ring (2005).
Robin Hood Addresses the crowd from the Tournament Ring (2005).

This is just a quick heads up:

Saturday June 6th is the

Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival
in Elmira, Ontario.

We’ve been to various medieval Festivals but this one is hands down my favorite because it really makes you feel like you were in the middle ages (in an idealized 21st century way).


Although this medieval festival started as a High School drama department project, now it’s a standalone gig, but still vast quantities of High School students come out every year and get right into the spirit of the thing. This means that there is a huge cast, which of course only adds to the atmosphere. The whole day is an amazing bit of  interactive theatre, and you can get as involved as you like.   It isn’t just the kids who thrive on the sword play.  Many of the visitors come in costume which just adds to the fun. It’s a point of honor with the cast not to break character no matter the provocation.

I was particularly impressed by this angel, one of the many visitors who attend Robin in the Hood in costume.
Costumed visitors to the Robin in the Hood Festival.

There’s a little medieval market with vendors selling everything from costumes to chain mail (and even bags of rings and tools with instructions on how to make your own).

Every year the festival is strung together with a scripted story performed by the cast, but there are also loads of things for visitors to do between times. There is an outlaw school and a knight school where you can learn a bit about medieval life; there’s usually an archery area as well where people can try their hand at firing a bow. There are also a series of medieval games, lawn bowling, memory games, ring toss things, javelin throwing or catapult lessons. Then there are the side shows that are scattered about throughout the park that doubles as Sherwood Forest. There are usually magic shows, story telling, a danger or torture show… most of the ones I’ve seen have been exceedingly funny. Every year I’ve been there has been a “Birds of Prey” exhibit which I think is put on by the university of Guelph. I never tire of seeing Einstein the Owl up close and personal, but the supporting cast differs year to year, usually including a hawk or a falcon.

But of course one of the big thrills is the fight sequences that go on as part of the story in the tournament ring. It’s an incredibly inexpensive outing for a rollicking great lot of fun.

Braveheart meets Robin Hood

Another website with Robin in the Hood photos is:

The Lothlaurien Gallery Photo Album

See you there!


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