It’s Not Easy Being Green

Its lovely walking in the forest.
It's lovely walking in the forest.

In these tough  times, at first blush selling off parkland

might seem like a good solution for a municipality trying to make ends meet. But it can’t be good business for the municipality to promote hiking trails on the one hand while bulldozing parkland with the other.

Victoria Glen Park is right next to the Kissing Bridge trail, so you’d think its continued existence would be important to the health of the  community for tourism if nothing else.  We don’t live next door to Victoria Glen Park, but that doesn’t make it any less important to my family.  It’s part of our natural environment.

There are trees and wildlife in abundance.

A family of ducks travel down the creek that runs through it.

Just last weekend we dropped by for a stroll.

The weather started turning and we had to beat a hasty retreat, but in the half hour or so we were there we saw a thriving family of ducks on the river, as well as other birds in the trees and the skies above.

Ahead of us  on the trail a huge raccoon scootched up a really big tree.   I left the path in an attempt to get close enough to the tree to get a good photograph, but in trying to work my way through the undergrowth, I  completely lost track of his tree!

This is a real forest.

And for sure it’s taken a long time to get this way.

Victoria Glen Park provides a valuable refuge  for birds, raccoons and  other animals whose natural habitat is displaced  due to  development.

This guy kept his eye on us.
This guy kept his eye on us.

I was always so impressed at how neat the Victoria Glen forest is. Even though there aren’t any parks department garbage cans, I’ve seen next to no litter there.

As it turns out the local residents are so invested in this little piece of heaven that they trim the pathways and pick-up the litter. Talk about low maintenance for the municipality, right?

This park is home to a thriving bird community.
Home to a thriving bird community.

Except the town is looking at selling this little gem of a park to make way for even more housing.

Oops, I forgot… it is NOT  parkland.

The township of Woolwich purchased this seven acre woodlot to be used as parkland for something like two hundred dollars close to a century ago.

Shortly  after World War II the municipality rezoned it as residential because returning veterans faced a housing shortage.  At that time it was thought to be  better to situate housing on park land than  on valuable farmland.

But you know they managed to preserve Victoria Glen Park for future generations.

(That’s us.)

Between Kissing Bridge Trail and Victoria Glen.
Between Trail and Park

But now the municipality  thinks  that they might get a million or more if they sell off part of the forest for housing.

The  current crop of politicians is looking at Victoria Glen Park as though they’re selling off residential land, not park land even though…

Victoria Glen Park has only ever been used as park land.

Ironically, the town is growing faster than ever before.

With the former fair grounds and a substantial amount of farmland around town being developed into residential subdivisions,

A bird soars over Victoria Glen Park.  If even part of this habitat is destroyed, the ecosystem  will at best be seriously damaged.
A bird soars over Victoria Glen Park. If even part of this habitat is destroyed, there is no best case scenario. The ecosystem will be seriously damaged.

every inch of park land in Woolwich Township will be even more precious.

For more information:
Preserve Victoria Glen Park


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