This is just a quick note to remind you of the Canadian Copyright consultation that’s underway right now.

In case you aren’t aware of it, the Canadian government is soliciting Canadian input on how we feel the copyright laws should be updated. You can write a little or a lot. But it’s important that we make use of opportunities like this.

Some links that may give you an idea of the issues (and most don’t mind cutting and pasting their good ideas– why they would be posting them after all) include this Bob Jonkman’s This Blog is Not For Reading which is very comprehensive and has a lot of good ideas.

Then there’s Michael Geist’s public service blog

and of course the place you go to answer the questions:

I’ve just cut to the chase on that one… I actually started reading through all the stuff a few weeks back and was dejected at all the industry types trying to beef up copyright stuff. As a writer from a family of artists I think 20 years should more than be enough. Like many writers and artists, I think having the work exist and survive is the important thing. (After all, we all know that we aren’t likely to be able to make a living at it anyway!)

The sad part is that the thing is due tomorrow or today actually, midnight Sunday September 13, 2009.

I’m off to put my two bits in. This message will self destruct in…. oops, is that one covered under copyright?

(any egregious errors are due to the fact that I am not proofing this… gotta write]


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