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Although the Consultation is officially closed, there is a 48 hour grace period to allow Canadians to be heard, so you can still speak your piece up until midnight tonight, September 15th, 2009.

A good website for assistance in the mechanics of submitting your opinions is

The official government website is

But all you really need to do is send them an email at:

The questions to answer are:

1. How do Canada’s copyright laws affect you? How should existing laws be modernized?
2. Based on Canadian values and interests, how should copyright changes be made in order to withstand the test of time
3. What sorts of copyright changes do you believe would best foster innovation and creativity in Canada?
4. What sorts of copyright changes do you believe would best foster competition and investment in Canada?
5. What kinds of changes would best position Canada as a leader in the global, digital economy?

I’ve posted my submission in the wind. Feel free to use any of my words & ideas that might help you express your opinions.

The other two sites that have helped me sort out my thoughts are

Some of us noisy types have written a lot, but you don’t have to. Just tell them what you think. Canadians need to speak up if we want to be heard.

STOP Usage Based Billing
STOP Usage Based Billing

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