Picnic in Victoria Glen Park: Sunday

Elmira’s Victoria Glen Park continues to be at risk, because it has been declared “surplus” by the local politicians, who expect to make enough money from selling this forest to developers to help pay for the municipality’s new Rec Center. It seems incredible that they would sacrifice a nature preserve complete with a thriving ecosystem and natural drainage in order to pay for a few buildings that politicians in another 30 years will likely feel it necessary to replace.
A residents group has sprung up to try to stop this from happening. They hope to convince the Town Council to rezone the park to ensure it is preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. They’re hosting a Picnic there tomorrow. Neighbors, residents and hikers are encouraged to bring their own litterless liunch for a picnic and learn about Victoria Glen from long time residents. Local historian Ruth Josephs will be on hand to regale participants with stories of the area’s past. Anyone interested will be encouraged to walk the paths and collect any stray litter.

Mother Nature approves: the Environment Canada forecast is good:
“Sunny. Increasing cloudiness in the evening. High 24.”

I wrote about Victoria Glen Park earlier this year in “It’s Not Easy Being Green”


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