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“I smell a blog post”

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Cover Art for my NaNoWriMo novel

Inconstant Moon cover art

That’s what the greatest kid in the world said when I told him I’d completed my fifty thousand NaNoWriMo words.

What I said was,

No, I don’t have time…. because the novel isn’t done yet.”

He went on to express surprise that I wasn’t as predictable as he thought. Hah! Thought he had >me< pegged, did he? Well.
Uh. Here I am, writing a blog post.

[It’s rough to be so predictable. But I should have learned by now that the greatest kid in the world is pretty much always right.]

I think I’m about half way through the outline (although it’s hard to tell since its so badly in need of rejigging just now. The characters have been asserting themselves with some force.)

But I plan on working my fingers to the bone for the rest of the month and see how much I can get done. Hey, its the weekend, and I vow not to do another blog post (after this one) before December.


I will be back to blogging (guilt free) come December, but I will keep going on the novel until it’s done. Because this is what I REALLY want to do.

[Besides, I need to finish this one so I can start on the next one.]

Written by Laurel L. Russwurm

November 28, 2009 at 4:07 am

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  1. […] I will also be posting photographs I took at both the Waterloo and Guelph January 23rd CAPP (Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament) rallies in Oh! Canada in the next few days. After I’ve had a chance to get some work in on my novel. […]

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