Accessibility and Copyright Treaties

Cory Doctorow”s boingboing column today mentioned Knowledge Ecology International‘s Writers and Journalists Open Letter in Support of WIPO treaty for People who are Blind or have other Disabilities

This important open letter says in part:

“In 1985, WIPO and UNESCO published are report calling for a new treaty to solve this problem, and create a global system of distributing works to persons who are blind and have other disabilities. Today WIPO is considering just such a treaty. We urge every country to move swiftly to support and enact such a treaty, so that a person who is blind, or has other severe disabilities, can read what we write.”

Cory Doctorow thumbnail taken at University of Waterloo, 2009Cory sez,

doctorow Writers needed to sign onto letter in support of copyright treaty for blind/disabled access


As a reader, I want to be able to read what I want to read.   Not being able to would be… indescribably sad.

As a human being, I think that everyone should have access to the world’s knowledge.

As a writer, I hope that anyone wanting to read my words has the opportunity to read my words.

I’m no Cory Doctorow, but I too urge all writers to support this.   Thanks!

Accessibility is necessary to build a healthy global community.

[And now back to working on my novel.]


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