Robin’s Nest #1

[Working on !mynovel, but the front porch drama is just too important to miss out on.]

profile of the nest wedged between the porch lamp and the wall

When we saw an enterprising robin building a nest on our front porch we thought it wasn’t a very good idea.   Granted, as more and more natural land falls under bulldozers, the wild life has to become bolder to survive.   To discourage them from this spot (if our cats escape, it could be a serious problem) my husband removed the finished nest to the compost.

Murray's face is pressed against the glass door.

Except we had to be away the next day and when came back there was a second nest in its place.

A super strong reinforced nest.   The Robins must have thought the first one blew away or something.   Thick walls of clay marked this one as a very sturdy structure.   We didn’t have the heart to move this one since clearly the Robins were sold on the location.   The porch roof would keep the babies protected in inclement weather.

My biggest fear is marauding people.   Particularly after a Facebook friend’s robin’s was nest knocked down, certainly by humans, most likely “for fun”.   This nest is above the lamp which is above the mailbox.   Certainly at least the letter carrier is aware of it.   But I thought the robins would give it up once they realized this was a high traffic zone.

Except one day there were eggs.

Four robins eggs nestle in the nest above the porch light.

We unscrewed the lightbulb so that we wouldn’t accidentally hard boil the eggs by putting on the light.   (After ten years we still mix up the light switches.)   Instead of using the front door, so as not to scare Mamma Robin away we began using the side door exclusively.   We can get a glimpse of Mamma when she comes to turn the eggs.

As seen through the front door, the posterior of the robin perched on the nest tending the eggs

I spy on Mamma on the nest by peeking through the cedar trees.

Mamma Robin sits the nest.

I’ll keep you posted.

(Just so you know, I can’t tell Mamma and Pappa robin apart, so I am assuming it’s always Mamma. As I understand it Mamma and Pappa will share the work of feeding the young.)

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4 thoughts on “Robin’s Nest #1

  1. I found your blog entry because I was trying to figure out what to do about robins trying to build a nest right over our front door in the transom nook — which is the main door we use. I did the same thing you did, remove one nest — and now they are right back again, building another. They will have to build it super sturdy to be secure in that place … but, yikes. This is only the second spring of the house’s life, and the very first year in which it has grass and trees, many many trees. It was not like they did not have actual trees to choose from!

    • I expect robins like building nests under a roof would be the same reason we sleep under a roof. A roof will keep the chicks more protected from the elements than a tree will. The trick is to not annoy Mommy and Daddy robin enough that they abandon the nest, eggs and all, but to encourage to choose a tree the next time. Using the door normally will probably do that.

      An old school friend’s robins came back to the same spot twice a year, year after year. but our worries that they might return came to nothing. Maybe it was the cats peering out the window or the lady spying on them with the camera all the time :), but our robin family raised their chicks and moved on.

      If they haven’t laid their eggs, I’d say move the nest again, but if they have, I’d suggest leaving them to raise the chicks. It seemed longer since I was taking photographs every day, but the reality is that from eggs to leaving the nest was only a couple weeks.

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