Robin’s Nest #2

They’ve hatched!

just hatched, four bald baby chicks in the bottom of the nest

I’ve read that any eggs that don’t hatch or chicks that don’t survive get pushed out of the nest. Since this nest is above a concrete porch rather than a forest floor and nothing’s been pushed out I’m inclined to think there are actually four little guys in there.

chicks in the nest, it's hard to tell how many there

I’m trying to disturb them as little as possible.   Zip out the door and snap a few.   They’re babies after all; they need their sleep.

a nestful of bald baby birds

Who can tell?   It kind of looks like there are really four little guys in there.   Fingers crossed.

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4 thoughts on “Robin’s Nest #2

  1. I thought maybe I was the only one excited by newly hatched baby robins!

    Last year we found a robin had built a nest on the electrical or telephone box on the back of our house, right outside the back door and a little above waist level. The nasty neighbor kids found it, too, and wouldn’t stay away. The mother abandoned it with 3 eggs in it. I was going to take it down and give it to the nature preserve but I wasn’t quick enough and they smashed the eggs on the ground and destroyed the nest.

    We don’t use the back door often since the porch needs repair so imagine my surprise the other day when my husband came in and told me we had a new nest in the same spot as last year. I sure wish I knew if it was the same robin. This time, he stashed some items around the porch as a distraction/deterrent to the kids. By looking out the glass in the door, we could see the mother’s tail when she was on the nest. When she wasn’t there, we would quietly open the door and look at the 3 eggs. On the 29th, I noticed white spots on them and figured they were scratches from her turning them. We were gone over the weekend and surprise, surprise, yesterday, the 31st, when I looked in the nest, they were newly hatched so maybe those white spots were the first sign of them breaking out of the egg. Over night, I thought about taking a daily digital photo of them and got the first ones this morning.

    Now I’ve researched the web and learned that Mom builds the nest and does all the sitting on the eggs, that it takes them only 12-14 days to incubate. After they are hatched both parents feed them and it only takes them 2 weeks to grow up and leave the nest, and an additional 2 weeks to be flying full force. By that time, they may be strictly keeping company with Dad while Mom is busy starting the process over again! Now I’m wondering if she’ll trash this nest and just put the new one in the same spot.

    • Thanks Maggie, that’s an awesome story. I appreciate the robin facts too. My fingers are crossed for your robin chicks. Urban wildlife certainly increases my quality if life.

      I feel so very privileged to be able to witness this, and have been trying very hard not to disturb the birds, so when I take the nest pictures it is a case of trying to make sure Mamma is gone, letting the kittens into the basement, then quickly opening the door and snapping a few quick shots and withdrawing. So far about half the time I’ve drawn Momma’s ire. And once Mamma catches me, I might as well give up; she’s on guard now.

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