Robin’s Nest #3

nest shows sleeping mound of chicks

The little ones are… well little.

The close shot  of the nest reveals three questing beaks

Until now I have never seen wild bird chicks up close and personal.

robin chicks in the nest

It is weird to see giant heads on tiny bodies.   Their eyes are very large, but still closed.   My guess is that this is the robin version of a “baby gate”.   Not that they they want to go anywhere.   Yet.

looking at Mamma on the nest from the road

Having made a point of taking my camera when I went out, and parking across the road when I returned I was able to catch this shot of Mamma on the nest.   (I love my 12x optical zoom.)

Nest in profile through the bushes, chicks beaks poke above the nest

I have also been making my presence known by doing a bit of yard work, being careful not to get too close and studiously ignoring the nest.   Now Mamma will stay on the nest even when she knows I’m out there so I can get shots like this through the cedars.

curled asleep in nest... their fluff is darkening

The chicks eat and sleep.   And grow.   Their fluff is darkening so they don’t look as bald today.

Adult robin sits on tree branch.

Mamma still flies away and yells at me from the tree if I get too close.   She wants my attention on her, not her babies.   This is good.   The last thing I want is for my wild friends to trust people.

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