Robin’s Nest #5

My brother @larryrusswurm told me about this live streaming web cam capturing an Osprey nest.   I think it will be interesting to be able to check in periodically and maybe get a chance to actually see hatching.

The problem with the way I’ve been taking my photographs— as snapshots maybe a couple of times through the day— is that I have to be careful not to crowd the robins.   Which means pop out, snap quick and withdraw.

I’ve taken lots of photos that aren’t in focus because I’m looking over my shoulder for Mamma Robin instead of through the viewfinder.   I’ve heard robins feel threatened they’ll cut and run.   Move away, start over.   After all, the adults will likely have at least one more clutch this year anyway   Which of course would be very bad for these chicks.   I want to see all four of these nestlings to grow up healthy and be able to fly away and make nests of their own.

Mamma and chicks in the nest

Preferably NOT right beside my front door though.   The porch may be sheltered from rain, but it would be an easy jump for most cats to get to this nest, so the whole time these little guys have been here I’ve been nervous for them.

chick's head dangles over the side, second picture shows beak starting to open

But then sometimes you get great shots.

robin chick's head dangles over the side of the nest with an open beak.

Who knew robins had tongues?

four robins sprawl in the nest

Of course the advantage of photographs over streaming video is better quality images and I can get in closer and look at things from different angles.

Close in as beaks are raised hopefully

I’ll be surprised if I get a better photograph out of the bunch than this one.

beak open wide

But this one is my favorite.

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