Robin’s Nest #7

I started taking photos before deciding to blog about the nest.   Day Nine was actually Thursday June 3rd, 2010.

Nest Detail image of Robin Chick face

Still trying to keep a low profile after causing serious concern to Mamma Robin I only took one round of photos on day 9.   Clearly their eyes are open.   This detail shot that their faces are beginning to look more like robins and less like muppets.

Robin's Nest overflowing with chicks
That’s not a party hat, that’s a sibling’s beak.

The fluff is being overtaken by feathers.

[In spite of a province wide ban, there was a strong pesticide smell in the air on Day 9.   My pesticide sensitivity was a compelling reason not to venture out to take more photos.]

Robin in the Hood

head and shoulders profile

On Saturday June 5th I went to the Robin In The Hood Medieval Festival where I had the opportunity to get close to this beautiful Red Tail Hawk.

Tiny American Kestrel perched on handler's glove

This was the first time I’ve seen the smallest native North American raptor, the tiny Kestrel. Note he’s perched on the thumb knuckle of his handler’s protective glove.   Full grown, this little guy looks to be about the size of our adult American Robins.

I believe this one is unable to fly at present as someone clipped his feathers in attempt to tame him, which is never a good thing to do with wildlife.   Every year the University of Guelph’s Wildlife Education and Environmental Program sends raptors to venues like the Robin In The Hood Festival in order to educate the public.

This is an awesome 2004 video of a baby robin hatching by jsitube

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4 thoughts on “Robin’s Nest #7

  1. Hi. I am doing my science fair project on American Kestrals and I was hoping that I could have your permission to use your photo of the American Kestral in my project.
    thank you,
    Keira Hazzard

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