Robin’s Nest #9

Day 11

In the above nest picture, the white fluffy thing is a robin chick’s posterior. On the right hand side if you look closely you can see that the chick with his head sticking up is actually resting his beak on a sibling’s beak. If you click on the image (for all of the Robin’s Nest images) you’ll see the larger version.

Mamma Robin pulls a worm out of the ground

While Mamma Robin was doing the marketing for dinner…

Pappa Robin

… Pappa Robin was yelling at me from the cedars. I dub this parent “Pappa” because he’s sporting an Elvis hairdo.

Nest full of four chicks

I did sneak this shot of the nest. Look at how incredibly crowded it is. If you look carefully you can see four babies in this heap.

In the bottom front is a beak, tilted up toward the right (we are seeing this little guy’s chin). Top left you can see two beaks pointed toward the wall. Top right it looks like chick number four is sprawled at the top o the heap; his beak is at a different angle again, canted right toward the red pole.

Mamma and Chicks in the nest

If you look closely you can in fact count four little white baby robin butts in the foreground.

But clearly one of the chief deficiencies is the lack of plumbing. We will need to do some serious cleanup this weekend. I’ll let you in on the secret, this is the second last day of photos in the nest, and as far as I’ve been able to tell they’ve all made it.

[There will be one more Robin’s Nest blog post but it probably won’t be for a day or two as I’m working hard at editing the novel in hopes of making the July 1st Create Space deadline.]

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