Kash, a bulldog

bulldog standing in a fountain pool

This is a bulldog named Kash.

Kash the Bulldog standing in the water starts to drink

If your feet are cool, a hot day can be bearable.

Two photos of Kash, getting closer as the bulldog drinks

Keeping hydrated is good too.

Lifting his head out of the water, drips fall from his muzzle.

It’s good to be a dog.

Kash the bulldog sits in the pool, looking terribly contrite.

Good dog, Kash.                                                                                 [I miss Cody.]

Kash strikes a pose, knowing he's being photographed.

I guess I’d never really looked at a bulldog closely before, but now I can really see why they said Winston Churchill had that look. Spot on.

[There will be more robins and the cancon conclusion… just not today.]


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