Canada’s Digital Economy Consultation Extended

Canadian Flag

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was somewhat surprised by the launch of the Digital Economy Consultation. There didn’t seem to be very much lead time and the consultation period seemed very short. Particularly considering the great quantity of material supplied by the government for consideration, as well as the framework of “themes” and the format asked for in the submission. To do a proper job of it would certainly have taken me more than the few days I was able to devote to this. I’d think the ideal time needed to do a proper job of it would be a week of full-time devotion to the task.

I have been hard at work finishing my novel, and so barely had the time to get any submission in at all. My submission is posted in Oh! Canada here

But I think that it is terribly unfortunate that Russell McOrmond won’t be able to make a formal submission to this consultation. Although I am still incredibly new to both the digital world and copyright issues, to my mind, if I ran the zoo, or, at least the legislature, Russell McOrmond is the one who I would be inviting to author Canada’s digital economy strategy.

Which is why I highly recommend checking out Russell McOrmond’s comments on the Digital Economy Consultation in his excellent blog Digital Copyright Canada. He has a few suggestions that are well worth thinking and talking about.

In the meantime, after killing myself to get it done, last night when I went to post my submission I discovered that the Consultation period had been extended, making the new deadline midnight, Tuesday, July 13. Personally, I think it should have been extended a month rather than a few days.

Regardless, every Canadian is entitled to make a submission. Please check out the online discussions, and at least read over the submission questions. Remember, this is not a test, this is the government soliciting our input. You can make a submission which answers all the questions, or just one. Any input is good input.

Canadians need to tell our government what’s important to us. This is for our future.


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