new and improved… sorry!

I HATE it when something I like is “new and improved.”  

Mostly because it generally means they’ve messed with the bits I like.

So whats with me messing around with my blog?

The problem is that when you start your first blog, you have no idea what you’re doing.  Who knows what all those cool theme features are about anyway?

I’ve toyed with the idea of altering the theme for some time, but the problem is always that it will mess up the formatting of all the posts that came before.

If you’ve got a pure text blog it’s not an issue, but I’ve always had a blogazine kind of thing going and where the images appear and how it’s laid out is part of what holds it all together.   What can I say, I’m a writer with visual overtones.   I certainly don’t want to wreak havoc with my earlier posts.  I worked hard to get them not only sounding but looking right.    Besides, they tend to get as much traffic as the new posts.  So I’m limited in the themes I can actually switch to.

writing a novel on my antique laptop
Writing a novel before the stickers ruled....

So here it is, I’m making the switch to The Journalist v1.9 Lucian E. Marin.

But really, in the grand scheme of things, that’s a small change.

The big change is that as of today this blog gets unnamed: it’s not “in the wind” anymore.  

After more than a year of blogging I have come to the realization that I picked a lousy name for my blog. 

“In the wind” is bland. 

Boring. Indistinct. Meaningless.

Vague even. What is it really? A name that doesn’t really say anything.

Even worse, the silly thing is still no closer to being on the front page– or even the top ten pages, probably– of any search engine search engine you’d care to name.  Too many other things have prior or more powerful claim to it. No worries.

Instead, I’ll just call the thing ‘Laurel L. Russwurm’

Kind of makes sense since the whole point is that this is supposed to be my personal blog.

And after a year it certainly is.  (No I didn’t throw a party on the anniversary… I’ve been too busy tilting at windmills and writing my debut novel.)  So what the heck, it’s my blog, it ought to have my name on it.

Other than that, everything’s just the same.  😀 Sorry for any inconvenience.


6 thoughts on “new and improved… sorry!

  1. I had to delete the previous bookmark for your blog in order to get the new name in my bookmarks. I did it while I was at your site so adding the new bookmark was easy.

    This name change seems necessary to me. Going by your name is how books are branded. “I want a Rowling, or a Leonard ( I just saw the movie “Get Shorty” today) or a Russwurm,” Lots of fans stalk a specific author’s books.

    • You’re right of course. The first author name I knew was Beatrix Potter. Once you know a name your chances of finding what you like increases.

      “Get Shorty” was a awesome book & a terrific movie. I remember liking the sequel “Be Cool” but found the film sequel unwatchable. I heard an Elmore Leonard interview where he complained about losing the rights to your characters once there is a movie deal, and I have a vague idea it may have been these characters. The original is classic though.

  2. As a Dane, windmills are close to my heart. Also, I used to know some of the people who were working on deep-sea turbines – a lot of Denmark is coastline, and the tide is nice, because it is more predictable than wind, and their power potential is immense – if only they could be created to be durable enough! Remarkable how things can be sent into space, but can’t endure the stress of constant current.

    • If I wasn’t laughing so hard I’d be sad that the comic seems so anti-windmill.

      I think those windmills are wonderful. In the first place they don’t spontaneously blow up. I once stumbled on a windmill farm (where the graphic came from actually) and was amazed at how quiet the windmills are when you’re quite close to them. There was an old fashioned metal windmill that was a fraction of the size and it made a horrendous racket while you couldn’t hear the giant windmills at all. I think those windmills offer such a sane alternative to things like nuclear energy since we have yet to manage a reasonable solution for what to do with the waste.

      Thanks for the cartoon. 😀

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