October Update: Inconstant Moon & NaNoWriMo & Blogs

Inconstant Moon cracked open

I’m running behind. This self publishing racket requires a lot of work.

I’ve been working on the Inconstant Moon blog, although I may still change the theme…. we’ll see.

they make book trailers now?

self pub graphic

Indeed they do. In today’s world, it is becoming more common to have a book trailer to help sell books. Like a movie trailer, only for books. Nobody seems sure if they help or not. But it shouldn’t be too hard, right? Not for me, anyway, with my media arts background. I’d love to would love to make a trailer for Inconstant Moon. Ideas dancing in my head quickly slammed into a brick wall of technical difficulties. Because I can’t see any of my video in Sony Vegas, since the Windows codec has become corrupted.

This is certainly some kind of DRM/proprietary software issue. But it ought to be fixable. So I burned days trying to work out a way to either get the Windows XP codec replaced/repaired or learning new gnu/linux editing software. The former was a bust (seems Windows thinks its working, so it won’t give me the option to replace it!) and the latter will take far too much time. Since I’m transitioning from Windows to Linux, I’m not about to upgrade proprietary Windows or Sony Vega software. Too bad.

Inconstant Moon cover art

my debut novel is *almost* ready to go

Except for a few changes to the Inconstant Moon manuscript itself before I launch, including an author photo. Who knew? But apparently a photo is an essential. Oh well. And I’ve a few changes to make from some last minute notes, and am waiting on a few more notes. Still, one way or another, I should be ready to upload it to CreateSpace by next weekend.

november is NaNoWriMo month

The plan was always that I’d be ready to start NaNoWriMo.


Well, I’ve got some ideas and I’m weaving the outline. I’m toying with the idea of appropriating the very cool title of one of my Dad’s early songs. But I may not, as it sounds fairly Stieg Larson-ous. It’s a great title though, and it could work. I’ll wait until the outline is done to decide though.

Tomorrow is the NaNoWriMo Kickoff Party. Since it’s on October 31st people are dressing up, so I’m contemplating swiping bits of costume from the great costumes I’ve made for my kid over the years. I could go as Captain Jack Sparrow…wear the wig, the gold teeth… certainly not going to shave my head to be Jean Luc Picard though. Maybe I’ll just dress up as an author. 😀

It’s really irritating outlining without even having character names yet. Well, I can work on it after the party.

In my grand plan, I would have the research done, the plot worked out, bios for the the characters, any maps sketched. But no.

Because the blogs have been restless.

President Obama is pushing hard for ACTA signatures before the election… Tuesday is it? So I’ve done some more anti-ACTA blogs. Although ACTA did not end with consensus, they are trying to spin it as though it’s been agreed. This is not only disturbing, but wrong, so I’ve spent even more time blogging about it in both my StopUBB: Did ACTA pass? and in my Oh! Canada: ACTA W5, Oh! Canada: Memo to World: Stop ACTA Now!.

Still, just now I’m trying to step back from politics at the moment. The problem is all this political foolishness with copyright law. It’s important to me on many levels, as a parent, a citizen, as well as both a consumer/creator of the cultural arts. On the one hand the technology is making it possible for creators to disseminate their works online, and on the other the “content industry” is struggling to strip us of our natural rights to share culture. So I felt the need to blog about copyright since the government is pushing ahead with their dreadful Copyright Law Bill C-32. Paying no attention to the apparently universal opposition to C-32, it’s been scheduled it for second reading, this week I think. And I had to blog about the Minister of Heritage holding yet another “public Consultation” without, it seems, doing very much about inviting the public, and since the consultation was a Federal Government Book Policy Review naturally I had a few cents to put in.

I’ve recently learned about Toronto activist Byron Sonne’s incarceration, which of course necessitated blogging. Byron is a computer security expert with concerns about government threats to citizen privacy and human rights issues for the Toronto G20 Summit. He was arrested and jailed before the G20 even began, and he has been denied bail. It may be years before the trial, and it certainly appears that Byron Sonne’s incarceration is purely punitive, which makes him a political prisoner. This is not a good thing for Canada.

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the CRTC seems to have renegged on the conditions they set before Bell can implement Usage Based Billing, so that’s coming down the pike in 90 days. Or maybe it won’t. If there is an appeal period, as Industry Minister Tony Clement indicated, if may be 90 days + 90 days. Having an entire blog devoted to Stopping Usage Based Billing, of course I’ve blogged about that. Okay… I can see this could easily get out of hand so I’m shutting up on that score for now. (See how easy it is!)

The political scene will have to make do without me for November.

NaNoWriMo Crest: November

Because NaNoWriMo takes precedence

At least until after I’ve made my daily wordcount requirement. And done what I need to do to launch Inconstant Moon.

If I’m still conscious at the end of the day, then I can blog.

Good night!


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