NaNoWriMo Diary: Beginning

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Inconstant Moon - First Draft back cover

I was going to be ready long before November 1st. Hah. Almost a whole month to get ready to write. think I will? Or will all the prep happen in the last few days before lift off?

First I have to self-pub last year’s novel. Then I get to prep the new one.

27 October, 2010

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Urk. Less than a week to get ready to write.

Five days. *gulp* Teacher interviews tomorrow.

A garbled phone message may mean distant relatives may be dropping by. So here I am. Running late, AGAIN. I’m still working on my self-pub of last year’s novel, “Inconstant Moon.” I am hoping to have the final proof uploaded to Create Space before NaNo begins. But right now the most important thing is prepping for this year’s NaNo. Self pubbing is slowed up; I’m waiting for a bit of fresh-eye feedback. Hoping to be ready to go before NaNo… fingers crossed.

Got the cover redesign almost done. But I finally got some decent work done on the outline.

Running late, AGAIN. Still working to self-pub last year’s novel, “Inconstant Moon,” hoping to have the final proofed version uploaded to Create Space before NaNo begins. Then I can begin serializing it whilst writing this new one.

But right now the most important thing is prepping for this year’s NaNo. Finally got some decent work done on the outline. It’s coming along. The worst of it is – I know better. The best of it is, I’m having fun….

2 November, 2010

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Last night was the first write in. I’ve enough of the outline to begin writing, so I’ve made my word count. So that’s the priority today. Except…. Last week the CRTC renegged on the conditions Bell needs to satisfy in order to go ahead with Usage Based Billing. So that will be happening in 90 days. Since I think UBB is a horrible idea that is incredibly detrimental to Canadians, about a year ago I started a public Service Blog to raise awareness of UBB since the media (much of it owned by Bell, like the Globe and Mail and CTV for instance…) So that’s all coming to a head right during NaNoWriMo.

Today the infamous Canadian DMCA, Bill C-32, went for it’s second reading. I was developing characters for the novel, and working on the outline to some extent but clearly I was more tuned in to Copyright. It’s so frustrating because the one MP who seems to get it, the NDP Digital Critc Charlie Angus, is still messing around with the CD levy, which is not only a bad idea for consumers, it’s a worse one for artists. Too tired to get into it now, but that’s one of the blog posts I haven’t written yet.

So Bill C-32 is front and center during NaNoWriMo too. Well, the only thing for it is to do NaNoWriMo first, and only AFTER I’ve made my daily wordcount, and finished the outline or whatever, THEN I can check email and approve comments or write blog posts.

This is necessary because it’s day 2 and I’m already behind… a mere 2,332 words so far. This is especially important for me as I’m planning to write the entire first draft of this novel during November.

(Rather than NaNo’s suggested 50,000 words, that’ll probably be more like 100,000 words total).

This will be the last post here until I’m caught up.

Happy NaNoWriMo!


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