NaNoWriMo Diary #2

It’s been a tough week.

Canadian DMCA logo

The dread “Canadian DMCA” Bill C-32 went though parliamentary second reading and to committee. I think I’ve exercised remarkable blogging restraint, since the digital locks provision of the so called “Copyright Modernization Act” that seeks to modernize us right into a 19th century monopoply by handing the reins of total control of digital distribution to manufacturers and powerful media corporations by granting legal supremacy to digital locks under Canadian copyright law. This is so incredibly important since it has the undeniable potential to kill off any possibility of digital self publication in Canada. Which is why the issue is so important to me as a self publishing writer.

StopUBB logo

And then there’s the CRTC’s incredible blunder in giving the green light to Bell Canada’s infamous Usage Based Billing scheme, which will allow Bell to deliberately inflate the cost of the Internet to discourage Canadians from using up the Internet. On purpose. Which will of course effect Canadian Culture (again due to handing control of distribution over to powerful corporate interests) not to mention the Digital Economy– the fastest growing sector of the Canadian Economy will be deliberately curbed. And then of course there’s the dreadful secret International “ACTA” treaty which intended to impose the USTR’s dream of global domination on the sovereign nations of the world has not been signed, but apparently isn’t dead yet either.

These issues are important to me because they attack the Internet and how we use it. These misguided policies could stop Internet communication and sharing of information about  important democratic issues, stifle whistleblowing like Wikileaks, and suppress culture… like NaNoWriMo. A great deal of NaNoWriMo happens online. If UBB makes the Internet unaffordable to the average Canadian, or at best a luxury to be loarded and sparingly doled out, where will that leave us.

The NaNoWriMo stats tell me that as I write these words,

Canadian NaNoWriMo writers have written 1,098,869 words so far on only day 6.


(Although I would never say anything like that aloud, it is something one of my characters might say.)

NaNoWriMo is awesome.

Yesterday, I finally got my outline written, in spite of all the aforementioned political stuff.

My outline is done, WOO HOO!

So now I know what scenes there will be and what comes next, who is who and what is what.
NaNoWriMo Crest: November
Of course it isn’t written in stone. As I continue to write and the characters get more and more real I am quite sure that they will insist on alterations and amendments. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to the end of writing anything longer than a piece of flash fiction without having to redraft the outline even once. And I even got my word count up too. That’s pretty darned amazing.

And now I’ve got to pack up and hit the road… there’s a Write-In happening at Whole Lotta Gelata that I don’t want to miss.

I’m loving NaNoWriMo in spite of politics. Nya!

Happy Nanoing.


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