The Kittens’ First Snow

I remember being shocked when a vet told me that cats who are allowed out doors on their own have a 3 year life expectancy. Even just for short bits. Because outside is dangerous. So we were resolved that the kittens would be indoor cats. The only time they are allowed out is in harness. This also ought to be much safer for squirrels and chipmunks and birds.

Ginger cat (Murray) wades through snow

They were still quite small last winter, so although they’ve looked out the window at it, they’d never been out in snow. Still, our kittens have been lobbying to go our doors. There has been the odd escape attempt, but so far they’ve been easy to catch. But they see all the other critters out there, including neighbor cats. And of course squirrels and chipmunks and birds. So they’ve been out on harness this past summer, but this is the first time they’ve been up close and personal with snow.

Two leashed & harnessed ginger cats discover snow

ginger cat's leash is wound around

ginger cat in snow
It's cold!

Indoor Cat

ginger cat watches snow falling
It's wet!

The boys made it pretty clear that they would rather be indoor cats, thanks. Right Murray?

Ginger cat sits in the snow looking at camera



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