Humble Bundle gift card

Like many people I’ve decided to give some video games for Christmas presents this year.

But the games I’m giving are the “Humble Bundle #2” which supports DRM free software made by Independent Video Game companies and the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

The only thing is, I prefer to have gifts in nice packages, so I’ve put together a gift certificate.
Since I’ve done the work already, I thought I’d share the card graphics, so anyone else who is supporting the Humble Indie Bundle is welcome to print the card too. (cc by-nc-sa)

This can be printed as the gift card front:

HUMBLE BUNDLE card front (CC by-nc-sa laurelrusswurm)

This would be the interior bit, or you can just print this on a 4″ x 6″ card as a gift certificate. All you need to do is fill in the Gift URL and you’ve got a lovely package for your Humble Indie Bundle game download code.

HUMBLE BUNDLE gift certificate cc by-nc-sa laurelrusswurm

The Humble Indie Bundle is a time limited offer, only available for a few more days.

Check the site for more details.

Happy Holidays!


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