interesting times

I’m writing this post on the antique IBM Thinkpad I love to write on. There is a satisfying feel to the keys when I type. The problem today. though, is the horrendously slow Internet connection. Actually, that’s not correct, strictly speaking. The connection is fine, it’s my laptop’s ability to connect that is a problem. It takes a loooong time to do stuff online. This problem is actually a very good thing when writing a novel, because there is zero temptation to go online.

Right now I’m in Toronto to attend a few days of Byron Sonne’s preliminary hearing. There is a judicial gag order restricts what can be published, so I need to be very careful what I write. I hope to have something about Canada’s G20 political prisoner posted soon in the Oh! Canada blog.

We certainly live in Interesting Times

ACTA, WikiLeaks, Egypt, Canadian Copyright Law reform and Usage Based Billing are all hot topics at the moment. There never seems to be a shortage of things to blog about.

Jason Koblovsly has a good blog post about UBB: “Thoughts on Today’s UBB Developments.

my novel on my desk

But I am most excited about the fact that my debut novel, Inconstant Moon, is almost ready to release. Because the first 50,000 words were written as part of NaNoWriMo, it was an excellent idea to publish Inconstant Moon with Create Space, and I intend to blog about the process of self publishing. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of my first Create Space proof, especially their support staff, who have been exceptionally helpful.

Having been convinced that I >had< to have an author photo, my initial inclination was to bypass the photo I liked best in favor of a more conventional pose, until Lance and Mary reminded me the point of self publishing is to publish it my way. <<Thanks! 🙂 So, that's what I've done. My (hopefully) final edit is done, my re:proof is on its way, and the serialization blog is almost ready to launch.

Woo hoo. 😀


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