What a Difference A Font Makes

New Fonts for the cover of “Inconstant Moon”

Caligula Dodgy font is similar to the Perpetual Titling font

Caligula Dodgy

ZETAfonts has the most entertaining font license I’ve read so far, making the Caligula Dodgy font free “for whatever purpose you desire.” Just let them know when you use their fonts. My favorite bit is the description of ZETAfonts as:

“a tiny foundry located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
And no, we don’t have wild animals roaming the streets (sorry).”

Although I initially set out to replace fonts with their dopplegangers, I’ve changed my mind. While I do like this Caligula Dodgy, now the similarity to Perpetua Titling feels like a disadvantage.

If I’m making a change, I might as well make it obvious. The next blog post (tomorrow I think) will explain why I’ve been scrambling to redesign Inconstant Moon at the eleventh hour.

Yellow Magician

Inconstant Moon with the Yellow Magician Font

The Yellow Magician font was created by Érico Lebedenco for the Brasilian game developer MAGUS LUDENS in Rio de Janeiro. The font is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

Although I like the elegant styling, if I select this one, I think I’d have to remove “non commercial” from my Creative Commons license, so I”ll probably pass.

Biometric Joe

Inconstant Moon Biometric Joe Font

Both Biometric Joe [above], and Stereofidelic [below] were created as part of Japan based Typodermic Fonts‘ Larabie Fonts collection, and are free for commercial use. Obviously I’m impressed, both with Canadian Ray Larabie’s graphic style and his inclusion of the appropriate license info in the zip files he uploads to dafont.

I like the decay in the Biometric Joe typeface, which could stylistically underscore the novel’s themes of honesty and integrity. At the same time, I’m rather partial to Sterofidelic, while concerned it might be a bit too much fun for a serious novel. At the same time, it puts me in mind of the Saul Bass Hitchcock posters. So I’m torn.


Inconstant Moon in the Stereofidelic font

Rebel Caps

Inconstant Moon in RebelCaps

After all that’s said and done, I am leaning strongly toward Jay Batchelor’s Rebel Caps font. Similar to my original choice, but with an edge that Perpetua lacks.

The included licence says:

“Use them as much as you like Commercial or Otherwise, no credit is necessary. I love to share my work.”

One of the most important obligations in the free culture world is proper attribution, so I attribute whether required or not.

Let me know what you think.

Now back to reformatting my manuscript with the new fonts so I can upload it to Create Space.


4 thoughts on “What a Difference A Font Makes

    • What’s interesting is that Rebel Caps is the only one selected that was created by a font fan as opposed to a professional designer.

      It is the only font he’s published, and he did it over a span of time for fun. Yet it’s as well crafted as the professionally designed fonts.

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