“Inconstant Moon” update ~ final proof has been shipped!

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I got the email from CreateSpace yesterday that the proof has been shipped. Unfortunately an actual real human being from create space had to process my order because it wouldn’t work for me online. This did happen with the last one as well. I suspect it’s a Windows XP conflict. Yes, I am still mired in XP. 😦

When I ran into the font problem I tried to go back to Ubuntu (my desktop machine is set up to dual boot) but it won’t boot at all.

Even though the computer science students in my novel are devoted Ubuntu users, at this point I myself am seriously considering switching to Trisquel, because I am not the only person I know that is having Ubuntu problems. I suspect it’s a case of the latest version being released to schedule although unready. Besides, my friend Alexandre Oliva tells me that Trisquel is supposed to be “more free” than Ubuntu.

So. I hope to dump Windows for good this weekend, hopefully my computer guy will be able to fit me in.

Trisquel logo

Meanwhile, I’m currently wandering through the CreateSpace site, in search of my CreateSpace storefront. [When you self-publish through CreateSpace you get access to a web page where people can order your book-book. I started working on it a little while ago, and I began working on it earlier, and now I’ve lost it… I just can’t quite figure out how to get there from here….]

But being the distractable gal I am, I seem to have created a CreateSpace blog called “Laurel L. Russwurm on CreateSpace”

Naturally I had to write an inaugural post. This is, I believe, designed for CreateSpace denizens, but I’ve checked and it is not locked behind a registration wall, so you can take a peek at my Adventures In Self Publishing post without having to sign up with CreateSpace.

So, now I’m heading back to work on the Inconstant Moon serialization blog. Once that’s in hand I need to start in on formatting for the various ebook versions.

Later! 😀


3 thoughts on ““Inconstant Moon” update ~ final proof has been shipped!

  1. My computer-savvy other half likes Debian. Have you ever tried it? Might be worth looking into if you don’t like Trisquel. I work on a netbook so right now I’m using a variant of Ubuntu. I did use Debian but the netbook Debian project didn’t work well with my machine and the setup I wanted.

    I keep checking for IM updates. 😀

    Left a comment on the previous post as well. It’s about copyright and self-pubbing so I thought it would work better there.

    • I’m only pseudo-computer savvy myself. As I understand it, Debian is the real deal. And Ubuntu is based on Debian, and Trisquel is based on Ubuntu. Switching OSes has been a big undertaking, which has required a lot of energy setting up housekeeping in Trisquel, but well worth it.

      Even for such a short stretch of time the difference is awesome. I’m still learning, so I’m a bit slow but the computer is much faster.

      Thanks for the interest in Inconstant Moon, but I’m afraid that publication will be delayed a wee bit longer. The editing and format changes seem to work very well, but have generated a new crop of typographical errors.

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