“Inconstant Moon” update ~ Too Many Typos

a graphic banner reads Inconstant Moon. rendered in the Rebel Caps font with a gibbous moon nestled between the words

It’s official:   I will be uploading “Inconstant Moon” once more before publication.

I thought it would be ready to go now, and it is – as far as content goes. But between the editing and reformatting, the proof copy in my hand right now simply has too many typos.

So, today I will finish the absolute final proof-reading & corrections (with no editing!) so that I can upload it to CreateSpace before I go to bed tonight.

[No matter how long it takes. Argh.]


2 thoughts on ““Inconstant Moon” update ~ Too Many Typos

  1. The errors are all my own, and having finished just the paper corrections, most of it was editing artifacts.

    I have opted for the most minimal CreateSpace services, which means I am doing as much of the work of self publishing I possibly can. It is possible to contract for CreateSpace to do the editorial, layout, and formatting work, but I have decided to do all of those things myself. Which means that what I upload is in print-ready PDF format, so it is highly unlikely they would do anything that would add typos.

    It has, as with everything, taken longer than I thought it would. Now I need to figure out how to get my fonts loaded in Trisquel so I can edit the digital file and upload it to CreateSpace.

  2. Editing is a joy. NOT!

    Necessary evil is a better description. Just curious, were the errors in your original manuscript, or did Createspace introduce them? I was reading (can’t remember where) about the problems one writer had with a manuscript, and when they checked their original, they found that the errors had been added at the publishers.


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