Canadian Copyright should be made in Canada

Naturally, while I am working to get Inconstant Moon launched, not only is there a Canadian Federal Election in full swing, but a new release of WikiLeaks cables− in particular the batch on Canadian Copyright pressure− the ones I have been waiting for − have been released.

NO Canadian DMCA

Canadian DMCA Background

Ever since the United States passed their DMCA, Canadian Governments have been struggling to pass a Canadian DMCA.

First the Liberal Government tried to pass Bill C-60

Then the Conservative Government that replaced them tried to pass Bill C-61

Then the Conservative Government held the Copyright Consultation. More than eight Thousand Canadians responded to the copycon, and their submissions are still online.

The Conservative Government ignored the preponderance of feedback from the consultation and tried to pass Bill C-32

The DMCA is a bad law, and most Canadians that understand copyright issues are very much opposed to a Canadian DMCA.

When you realize that Bill C-60 was tabled by the Liberal Party of Canada, and Bill C-61 and C-32 by the Conservative Party of Canada, it was dreadfully clear that the law’s objectives were the same.
Both the Liberal and Conservative copyright law appeared to be made in the USA.

Now, however, it is no longer just theory.

WikiLeaks logoYou can read the cables yourself, here:
WikiLeaks cable Viewer: Canadian Copyright

Michael Geist is understandably working his way through them and blogging his findings

Michael Geist

Drew Wilson: ZeroPaid:

Russell McOrmond: Digital Copyright Canada

WikiLeaks Central: GeorgieBC


Online activism works: Canada delayed US-style copyright bill in fear of activist campaign


Reddit: Wikileaks Cables Show Massive U.S. Effort to Establish Canadian DMCA

Those of us who suspected this are gratified these manipulations are now confirmed facts.
Thank you WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange, wikileaks logo and planet earth titled KEEP US STRONG


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