“Inconstant Moon” update ~ Living in a Serial World

a graphic banner reads Inconstant Moon. rendered in the Rebel Caps font with a gibbous moon nestled between the words


Woo hoo! The new and improved “Inconstant Moon” blog is in place. Although not entirely set up, it is a beginning.

Over the coming months I will be serializing my debut novel in the moonblog. As well, I’ll be building pages of additional content, Inconstant Moon “special features” as it were. The original plan was to chronicle self-publishing adventures in the side pages of the moonblog, but instead the issues faced getting my debut novel to press will be featured in the Libreleft Books blog. I hope you’ll bear with me, after all I am making this up as I go along.

So, the Inconstant Moon serialization has begun with the first preamble page. The first story segment will be posted on Sunday, May 29th, with one page every day thereafter until the end, one hundred and forty pages in all.

Unfortunately, it has all taken so much longer than I thought it would, and so life has intervened.

What that means is that I will not be able to meet my goal of launching everything at once. But I simply can’t stand can’t putting it off any longer, so serialization will happen first. I won’t have time to work on the ebook conversion, or to even set up my CreateSpace ebook storefront anytime before the weekend. Look for it next week. In the meantime, the world will have to be content with just the serialization for now.



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