It’s October? Already? (Inconstant Moon Update)

You know what they say:

Time flies if you’re having fun.”

Well, I’ve been just a little too busy to be able to tell if I am having fun or not. The old curse ~ the one about living in interesting times ~ has comes true in spades. There are so many things wrong in the world, it’s hard to know which part of the dike I ought to stick my finger in.

My self publishing schedule has totally gone off the rails because I got sucked into the political vortex. Over the past few years I’ve been learning an enormous amount about what is wrong with our political system through attending local Fair Vote Canada events.

Yesterday was election day in the province of Ontario, and the electoral landscape altered radically. I spent a lot of time in the past weeks attending local events, learning how to put together a film for you tube and, of course, blogging about it all. Without actually planning any such thing, effectively the election became a hiatus from getting the final edition of Inconstant Moon into ebook form.

a graphic banner reads Inconstant Moon. rendered in the Rebel Caps font with a gibbous moon nestled between the words

self publishing

One of the most difficult things about self publishing is focusing on the work that needs to be done. My iron clad goal has been to serialize Inconstant Moon online, one chapter a day, every day, for the requisite 140 days. And for the most part I’ve managed to stick to it.

I had planned a lot of special features around the serialization, and I thought I would be able to get more of them done and online during the serialization, but there have been so many other calls on my time it has not worked out. I will continue to create character pages and background articles after the serialization is complete, posting them regularly, probably once a week. Character pages in particular have been more work than I thought they would be, not just because finding the right links for each character’s interests is so time consuming, but because creating each character’s portrait is a challenge.

The same goes for my articles about self-publishing. Currently my Libreleft Books site is really only a placeholder; but I will be setting it up properly as soon as I have the new ebook version available. I’d originally thought to include those with the serialization blog, but I think it’s more appropriate to include them in my new Libreleft Books blog. Since I’m not likely to stop writing any time soon, it was a good time to snag the Libreleft domain name while it was still up for grabs.

Although ACTA and copyright issues are coming to a boil just now, this month my first priority must be getting the ebook version of Inconstant moon sorted out. Having recently re-proofed the manuscript while crafting the serialization, I will also be reformatting and uploading the new perfect-as-possible print version.

Also this month, I have to get the first draft of my next novel finished, so I can get it out to beta readers and into publishing. If you’re interested in giving beta reading a shot, drop me a line in email. The Girl In the Blue Flame Cafe is shaping into quite a different novel than Inconstant Moon.

There’s one more thing that I have to get organized this month: an outline for my next novel. Because, of course, next month is NaNoWriMo and I have no intention of missing that.

In the meantime, the online serialization is *almost* complete. Today I’ve just published chapter 132. The last chapter will go online on October 15th. Wow. Or as the Christie computer club members would say,



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