Promotional Material and Copyright ~ C11

Copyright "c"

Have you every noticed how much publicity material is labeled with
© Copyright ~ All Rights Reserved

I am at the point where I will not include any images in my blogs that lack license information.

Why on earth would I reproduce any promotional material ~ why should I plug your art show, book, movie, music, film premiere, marketplace or anything else, if doing so could result in a fine or takedown?

Creative Commons logo

I have become hyper sensitive in regard to copyright issues, since real or perceived copyright violations can result in a DMCA takedown ~ or worse ~ if these laws like our own Canadian Bill C-11 passes.

If you include original art on promotional material in future without using a Creative Commons License or something similar I simply won’t use it.

Canadian DMCA logo

In the past, I might have shared promotional material even though it did not have a license explicitly allowing its use, so long as it it didn’t specify ‘copyright all rights reserved’ either. Once The American SOPA (Stop Online Piracy) and the Canadian Bill C-11 come into effect, I will no longer do that on any blog or website under my control without explicit license permission.

Because the price is simply too high.


5 thoughts on “Promotional Material and Copyright ~ C11

  1. I’ve warned people against hosting in the U.S.A. Most of them don’t listen. They don’t think it can happen to them.

    Oh, and I got told I shouldn’t talk about it because it was insulting to Americans…

    Really? Telling the truth is being insulting? Yeah, right.


    • An important part of why the USTR wants Canada to have a DMCA, is so that the US is not disadvantaged by their own DMCA.

      Of course, the DMCA has been challenged and revisited and some of the worst bits have had their edges sanded off, so it is much milder today. Which is probably why the media special interests are so determined to pass SOPA and PROTECT IP.

      I worry that our sitting government will pass Bill C-11 in spite of the fact that it will disadvantage Canadian creators.

      • I’ve covered the issues too. It appears that on this issue at least, two of the largest political parties do not have the best interests of Canadian Creators in mind. And the third one, the current loyal opposition, doesn’t seem to understand the issues all that well either.

        It is sad. Really sad.


        • Agreed. Which is why I think that they need to STOP.

          What’s the rush? The Conservative Government has a majority now. They have guaranteed years in office. Instead of rushing this through why not take the time to do it right? If C-11 causes even half of what I think it will, the next government will not be Conservative.

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