Netizens Day


— citizens of the Internet —
It’s long past the time when the natural rights of netizens were claimed.

screen capture of what my site will look like when it goes dark

Wednesday January 18th marks an Internet wide protest made by netizens who have vowed to make our sites go dark for some or all of the day.

Here are 10 reasons you should take action against SOPA

There are a ton of websites going dark include, but are not limited to, Wikipedia osnews, Tor, Tumblr., Cheezburger, Reddit … and many of us ordinary people are doing it too (or trying).

Even though I am a Canadian. these laws will impact badly on Canada and Canadians, so I plan on joining in the protest, as are many people all over the world.

How to do this:

How to: ‘Go dark’ on Jan 18 to fight SOPA/PIPA has info on making your WordPress or Facebook page go dark

If you host your own website and have access to your index.html file, you can replace it temporarily with the code found here:

I do realize that the ability to participate is predicated on being able to handle the technical stuff. Not everyone can do it… I have been playing around with it and been unable to make the index thingie work on … so maybe I won’t be able to get it done. I never did manage to make the banner work on my Tumblr page either.

We’ll see. If I can’t manage it, I will think of something.

Because it is time. We can’t let this one go.

Whatever happens, forever more, January 18th will from henceforth be NETIZENS DAY.

Stand up for Netizen Rights!

Here’s a terrific SOPA Protest song: The Day the LOLcats died:

Thanks to 1111aether for coining the phrase NETIZENS DAY.


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