My Byron Sonne Articles ~ #FreeByron

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I should be doing self publishing things, like finishing my second novel, writing special features in my Inconstant Moon serialization blog, establishing my self publishing Imprint, getting my website set up to sell digital copies of my work, creating the book trailer &tc. But there are vital issues like copyright and civil rights are important to me as both a writer and citizen, but perhaps even more as a mother.
Free Byron

So although I’m a fiction writer, there is a clear need for what Jay Rosen calls “citizen journalism.” Which is why I’ve blogged rather a lot about Byron Sonne.

But I’ve made a point of using every opportunity to mention Bryon at ever opportunity. When you’re on the outside, it is really easy to forget about a political prisoner languishing behind bars.

Because of this, a search on my blogs will produce quite a few returns that mention Byron’s plight, but don’t necessarily add anything substantive to the conversation. Since the trial has now resumed, you might be interesting in reading or re-reading some of of these articles.

Byron Sonne Articles (here)

Byron Sonne: Still Not Free

Is PAYPAL a political tool ? ~ freeByron

Silencing Online Activism: From “Officer Bubbles” to “Free Byron”

in my Oh! Canada blog

Byron Sonne and… Copyright?

Of Masks and Freedom

The Canadian Charter: Why is Byron Sonne so important?

The Emperor Has No Clothes ~ FreeByron

Fighting for Our Freedom

Free Byron

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: FreeByron

… we interrupt this election …

Byron Sonne is “still quite a ways away from being free”

Free Byron !

Human Rights Day #freebyron #chargeflanagan

No Bail #freejulian #freebyron

What is Activism?

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… G8/G20

and my visual laurel Tumblog

Police V Citizens

Know Your Rights: Do you have to show ID to the police?


Creative Commons License
All these articles are by me, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License to allow any reproduction (except under more restrictive copyright terms).

More Resources

The ultimate Free Byron resource is the Free Byron wiki, but there are also detailed court notes &tc being posted by Christopher Olah here.

Ivy coloured archway at the University of Toronto
The Truth Will Set You Free

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