C-11 ~ There is still time to say “No”

Not much, but some. Bill C-11 hasn’t passed — yet.

Call or write your own MPP, whose job is to represent you in parliament. If you don’t know who that is, you can find out here: [Find your MP]

What you write doesn’t have to be long and involved, or make terribly brilliant arguments. In my experience it is unlikely to be read or listened to. The best we can expect is a form letter response that doesn’t respond to what we’ve written anyway, probably months from now. But if enough of us write, they might listen because they can all count. It needn’t be long, but it must be now.

This is a sample letter:

Dear Mr. Albrecht:

As a constituent in your riding, I ask you to vote against Bill C-11 The Copyright Modernization Act.

Bill C-11’s Technological Protection Measures are neither in my best interests, nor yours. If passed as it is, this law will infringe on my rights, both as a digital property owner and a content creator. Thank you for your support.

Laurel L. Russwurm

Note: Feel free to copy and adopt any of the many arguments I have proposed throughout this blog (search C-11) as I hereby waive the attribution for this ~ if anything I’ve written will help your own letter, please use it.

You can also write to the Bill C-11 Legislative Committee:

Bill C-11 Legislative Committee Chair: Glenn Thibeault, NDP
email: glenn.thibeault@parl.gc.ca

Dean Del Mastro, Conservative, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister
email: dean.delmastro@parl.gc.ca

Paul Calandra, Conservative Parliamentary Secretary to the Heritage Minister
email: paul.calandra@parl.gc.ca

Mike Lake, Conservative Parliamentary secretary to the Industry Minister
email: mike.lake@parl.gc.ca

Scott Armstrong, Conservative
email: scott.armstrong@parl.gc.ca

Peter Braid, Conservative
email: peter.braid@parl.gc.ca

Phil McColeman, Conservative
email: phil.mccoleman@parl.gc.ca

Rob Moore, Conservative
email: rob.moore@parl.gc.ca

Charlie Angus, NDP Digital Affairs and Ethics Critic
email: charlie.angus@parl.gc.ca

Tyrone Benskin, NDP Heritage and Cultural Industries Critic
email: tyrone.benskin@parl.gc.ca

Andrew Cash, NDP
email: andrew.cash@parl.gc.ca

Pierre Nantel, NDP
email: pierre.nantel@parl.gc.ca

Geoff Regan, Liberal Critic for Consumer Affairs
email: geoff.regan@parl.gc.ca

As well, you can write to
Industry Minister The Honourable Christian Paradis
email: minister.industry@ic.gc.ca

Heritage Minister James Moore
email: james.moore@parl.gc.ca


Prime Minister Stephen Harper
email: stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca

It is perfectly acceptable to send the same letter to all concerned, and although postal mail is taken more seriously, email is increasingly acceptable, particularly when time is of the essence.

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