What’s Wrong with ‘5 Simple Rules For Happiness’ ?

robins in a tree

A friend shared this list on Facebook, and at first it sounded right, but then it didn’t.

5 Simple Rules For Happiness

  1. Free your heart from hatred
  2. Free your mind from worries
  3. Live simply
  4. Give more
  5. Expect Less

I wish I could go along with it, but I can’t, really.

with the worlds greatest kid

Because, you see, I did all of these things so I could stay home to raise the world’s greatest kid. And I did (and it was worth it!) But in that short time when I wasn’t paying close attention to the world, or allowing myself to worry about the things I couldn’t change, the world has gone to hell.

Although a lot of people date the problems we face now to the fall of the Twin Towers, I think we were on this path long before. The Twin Towers simply offered an excuse to suspend the rights and liberties people used to have. I think that the real problem for the west began with what should have been a good thing: the fall of the Berlin Wall and everything that went with it. That seems to have freed up our supposedly democratic western governments to cease to even pretend to serve the the people.

    1. Free your heart from hatred ~ YES: this is unproductive
    2. Free your mind from worries ~ NO: if we bury our heads in the sand, we can’t correct the problems that should worry us
    3. Live simply ~ YES/NO not at the expense of living fully
    4. Give more ~ YES: to family, friends, society, those without ~ NO: to corporations
    5. Expect Less ~ WRONG!

If we expect less, we will get less.

We deserve *more*

including (but not limited to:

flowering shrub

  1. more clean air,
  2. more clean water,
  3. more responsible environmental stewardship,
  4. more government transparency, accountability and responsiveness,
  5. more protection of our civil rights,
  6. more accessible education,
  7. more inclusion,
  8. more understanding,
  9. more empathy,
  10. more privacy,
  11. more culture,
  12. more choice,
  13. more dignity,
  14. more respect
  15. more tolerance,
  16. more sharing,
  17. more kindness,
  18. more protection of society’s weakest members

If we all expect less, our government allows big corporations to continue to take more and more,

  • poisoning our environment,
  • tossing aside human rights, and
  • bankrupting our economy.

We need to insist on MORE, because our kids are worth it.

Kitchener Casseroles Protest


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