Special Tea

My NaNoWriMo wordcount was pretty far behind when I came down with a cold.

Naturally, I grumbled about it on Identi.ca, and Ryan Weal kindly shared this home remedy:

screen cap from Kafei Interactif: Ryan Weal (ryanweal)'s status on Sunday, 25-Nov-12 18:36:58 UTC      Ryan Weal >  laurelrusswurm      I always make 1-2L of special tea for a cold: 1 lemon, handful of chopped ginger, chamomile and honey. Usually clears that right up. Tastes like NeoCitran, but better and healthy.

As with most recipes, I made a few changes…

substituting Chamomile in tea bags

steam coming out the kettle whistle

boil the water

looking into the tea pot where two tea bags recline

insert chamomile tea bags

teapot on stovetop with timer counting down in the background

steep the tea for 10 minutes

gonger root

Starting with a chunk of ginger root

grated ginger

my cheese grater produced a tablespoon or two of grated ginger

whole lemon on cutting board

I used the whole lemon

and all the juice

ginger in the tea basket

When the tea is steeped I removed the tea bags and added grated ginger… The first day I just dropped the ginger into the tea, but then I had to contend with floaty bits, which isn’t a lot of fun when you’re sick. The second day I put the ginger in my mesh tea basket. A tea ball would work too.

strained lemon juice

then I strained the lemon into the tea pot


I left it sit for anothe five to ten minutes, then removed the basket of ginger so I could fasten the lid and keep the tea hot longer. Poured into the cup; add honey to taste.

my camera reflected in the teapot

My cold began with a bad sore throat for two days, but then it hit my nose on the third day. That was the day I made my variation of Ryan’s tea.  My tea pot holds a little more than a litre, about  5 cups  of water.

I drank the first pot of tea the day I was the sickest, then spent much of the day blowing my nose. In the past, this miserable phase has lasted for 3 days, but with Ryan’s special tea,  the worst of that was over in one day.

Maybe it was just a milder head cold, but I think the special tea sped up the process.

The variation to try next time is to substite garlic for ginger.  We’ll see.

[and now, back to NaNoWriMo]

Ryan Weal’s original recipe was shared via Kafei Interactif Status to Identi.ca; content and data are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Thanks Ryan!


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