A Quickie

The weather has had climate change stamped all over it, but even so, this has been a terrifically busy summer!

has highlighted the importance of guarding our privacy, but I still haven’t mastered PGP.

Over the summer there have been great changes to my main social network, Identi.ca, so I’ve joined the StatusNet federation. (I’ll blog more about that later.)

And of course, Social Media becomes more important all the time. Which is why, after years of resistance, I’ve finally spread out to LinkedIn.  But the fact remains: one of the big problems with this type of online activity is the ancillary sacrifice of our personal privacy.  I find it best to give out as little personal information as possible, but it’s difficult.

One way I deal with the privacy creep is to lump all of the members of all of my social networks together: whenever I’m forced to categorize, I designate everyone across the spectrum ~ from close friends to total strangers ~ as “friends.”

Why should I tell Google we became friends on Identi.ca, even though we’ve never actually met in meat space?

Mr. Zuckerberg, it’s none of your business whether we’re second cousins once removed on my mother’s side, or if we’re total strangers sharing an interest in Free Culture.

And Linkedin needn’t be privy to the fact we volunteered together, or went to the same High School.

You and I know what our relationship is, and that’s all that matters.

But I am starting to realize I am not Wonder Woman.   Yesterday I took the time to transcribe Edward Snowden’s important statement to the Chaos Computer Club.  But my problem is that there simply isn’t enough time for me to write reams of blogs and publish my own novels.  And at this point, publishing my own novels is the priority.

Which is why I’m regrouping, working out how best to reduce my blogging and finish my second novel, which I still hope to publish before NaNoWriMo 2013.

But even with all of that, the single most important thing today is that my chick will fly from the nest, take up residence in another city for a third year of university.  Like last year, I know we will all live through it, but it doesn’t get easier.

It’s a Mom thing.

Mother and baby duck - at Victoria Park, Kitchener

[note: edited for style, not content]


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