Copyright Fallacy Series

This series began to counter some of the the misinformation about copyright that has been floating around since the Statute of Anne. In particular, I was (and still am) concerned about what was then draft legislation called Bill C-11, which has now been passed into Canadian Law as our shiny new “Copyright Act.” Although the … Continue reading Copyright Fallacy Series

WIPO and EU and Libraries ~ Oh My!

Like most people, I’ve spent most of my life not actually thinking about copyright law. I bought into the idea that copyright “protects” creative works and encourages creativity. At least I did until I started actually thinking about copyright law when I sat down to write my submission to the Canadian Government’s Copyright Consultation. That … Continue reading WIPO and EU and Libraries ~ Oh My!


As it turns out I comment on a lot of other blogs, websites and online news articles as well as writing too many of my own.  Quite often I want to refer back to the articles for one reason or another, so it occurred to me that the easiest way to keep track would be … Continue reading comments