Is PAYPAL a political tool ? ~ freeByron

The American corporation PayPal has withdrawn the “donation” button from the FreeByron wiki. The donation button was for a Trust Account established by Byron Sonne’s parents to raise funds to help pay for their son’s legal defence.   [Feel free to tell PayPal what you think about that]. Byron Sonne says PayPal “felt that it … Continue reading Is PAYPAL a political tool ? ~ freeByron

review⇒ WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists

The Internet and its attendant technology has ushered in change more dramatic than any previously seen in human history. Even worse, this technological revolution has happened with blinding speed. Even though we’ve reached a point in Canada where most of us — from toddlers to seniors — use the Internet in our daily lives, most … Continue reading review⇒ WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists

My Byron Sonne Articles ~ #FreeByron

I should be doing self publishing things, like finishing my second novel, writing special features in my Inconstant Moon serialization blog, establishing my self publishing Imprint, getting my website set up to sell digital copies of my work, creating the book trailer &tc. But there are vital issues like copyright and civil rights are important … Continue reading My Byron Sonne Articles ~ #FreeByron

Smashwords Censorship: Unintended Consequences

Smashwords distributes eBooks created by self publishing authors to the various proprietary eBook platforms. Recently PayPal has told Smashwords that it must: “..remove fiction that contains themes of bestiality, rape and incest” — Smashwords Member Alert – March 5, 2012 Is censorship ever advisable? Ratings systems have long proved an effective method for preventing people … Continue reading Smashwords Censorship: Unintended Consequences

Copyright and Sharing Music

Shared from an email I’ve just written: The radio used to be how I discovered new music. Probably twenty years ago I stopped listening to the radio altogether because there would be maybe one song I liked an hour. So I just started listening to tapes then CDs all the time. I wore out the … Continue reading Copyright and Sharing Music

Inconstant Moon: Halfway!

The 70th chapter of “Inconstant Moon,” went online today, marking the half way point in my serialization; all told there are 140 chapters. I’m pleased to have kept to my proposed schedule, posting one chapter per day. I’ve been latish a couple of times, and once I posted twice in one day because the chapter … Continue reading Inconstant Moon: Halfway!