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Open Book Store “It’s been called “the most beautiful bookstore in Chicago,” and it holds more than 50,000 donated books for sale to help support our literacy mission. Come visit!”

Project Gutenberg is a wonderful non-profit volunteer organization working to digitize all books in the public domain. Project Gutenberg of Canada recently released their 500th title (and there are many more under construction).

Sadly internet freedom fighting (to make the net safe for Project Gutenberg) has precluded my participation as a PG proofreader. One of Project Gutenberg’s concerns is the powerful interests continually extending American copyright terms, with the result that new American Books may never enter the public domain.

In the meantime, Project Gutenberg has been quietly making a great many classic books available to everyone in a digital format for free. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Fantastic Fiction is my favorite resource to find out what books what author wrote — and under what pseudonym, which series etc. Or when I decide to re-read all of Ed McBain’s books, say, it is much easier to get the publication order here than by manually checking each of the books. (FF also lets me know if I’m missing any.)

The Burgomeister’s Books online e-book lending library

LibraryThing I joined the Early Reviewer Program and will be posting my review as soon as my 1st draft is done.

  • Join the world’s largest book club “a home for over 1,000,000 readers”
  • Catalog your books from Amazon, the Library of Congress and 690 other world libraries. Import from anywhere.
  • Find people with eerily similar tastes.
  • Find new books to read.
  • Free Early Reviewer books from publishers and authors

Podiobooks logo: books with headphones graphic

LibriVox acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.
As well as being indispensable for the sight impaired, audio books are great for anyone heading on long road trips.

podiobooks Donation driven Public Domain and Creative Commons Licensed original podcasts.

on ebooks:


Electronic Frontier Foundation:
Digital Books and Your Rights: A Checklist for Readers



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