Inconstant Moon

amended cover

The NEW final cover art because the Windows XP fonts I planned to use may be under restrictive copyright preventing commercial use.   Isn’t the new title font stunning?

The new title typeface is a free font called Rebel Caps designed by Jay Batchelor that I found on the wonderful daFont website.  I will be blogging about my font misadventures in due course.

Inconstant Moon final Cover Art (cc by-sa lothlaurien)

This is the planned cover art (final version @ March 2011)  for my debut novel,  Inconstant Moon.

Today there is enormous pressure to assign a genre to novels.  Especially since I will be self publishing, I can well appreciate this will make it easier to know where to shelve it in a book store, or file it in an online database or apply metadata for Search Engine Optimization.  Still,  it has been a difficult exercise since Inconstant Moon doesn’t quite fit into any of the established boxes.

In spite of the fact that the moon is on the cover, Inconstant Moon lacks werewolves or vampires.  Nor is it science fiction, the title is from a favorite Shakespearean quote I’ve long loved.   There isn’t a single protagonist.  It started out an ensemble piece and although I kept it flexible, it stayed that way.

So I’m inclined to think Inconstant Moon should simply be called a “novel.”  But if I must label it, the closest I can come is to call Inconstant Moon “A Novel of Suspense.”

Currently I’m working what I believe is the final polish, but it won’t be over ’til it’s over.  Since I’m embarking on a path of self publishing there is a great deal to learn and master.

One  idea I’ve been toying with is a book trailer.   Another is assembling a self-hosted blog (still very much under construction and almost guaranteed to undergo a theme  change).  So although it’s very much a work in progress if you’re curious you can take a peek at the dedicated Inconstant Moon blog.   The finalized blog will launch to coincide with the novel’s publication.

And naturally I will announce Inconstant Moon‘s publication on, Twitter, and here as well.


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