As it turns out I comment on a lot of other blogs, websites and online news articles as well as writing too many of my own.  Quite often I want to refer back to the articles for one reason or another, so it occurred to me that the easiest way to keep track would be to make a comments page where I can list the links.   If you read my blog, you might be interested in some of these articles that interest me.

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Globe and Mail*: Handy lessons from Down Under on electoral reform

Canadians want online voting and proportional representation, says poll

Milner: PR: One system reflects voter intentions and ensures local representation

Globe and Mail*: Canadians support reforms to voting system, poll suggests

Justin Trudeau’s delay in resettling 25,000 Syrian refugees may be a smart political move – it demonstrates a mastery of fence straddling and spin

Trudeau wants refugee meeting with Harper, Mulcair

Trudeau and Mulcair react to news dead Syrian boy was trying to get to Canada with help of family in Vancouver

The Long, Long Ego Trip of Stephen Harper

Accidental Deliberations: On rush jobs (Anti-Terror law formerly known as Bill C-51 and PR)

Travis McCrea: It’s time for true proportional representation in Canada

I commented on both parts of this one: Martyn Brown: Voting to be heard—or not (Part 1) (although the two on Part 1 have not been approved as of this writing) and on

Without Wildrose or a divided right, the Alberta NDP would have still won (updated)

Beware of bright, shiny distractions

Harper meets Castro, but we had to look to Cuba for the photo

Could Tom Mulcair actually win?

Bill C-51: the Good, the Bad . . . and the Truly Ugly

Canada Extends and Expands It’s Endless War on ISIS

Don Macpherson: Stop calling Quebec student protests ‘strikes,’ because they’re not

Analysts Question Whether Canada Can Stomach ‘War’ Against ISIS

Mulcair Promises Proportional Representation If NDP Wins Next Election

Andrew Coyne: Politicians make things worse by delivering valid points with inflammatory language

Dr. Dawg’s Blog: Happy New Year

The Tyee: While NDP Fiddles with Electoral Reform, Ottawa Burns

NOW endorses Olivia Chow

TVO: Changing the Voting Game

Here’s a comment I made on the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center’s blog Public Domain Trouble Spots that was never approved that I would really like an answer to

I am struggling with the idea that elements that go into a movie can alter the movie’s copyright status. In your example of the Cole Porter musical movie, unless it was copyright infringement from the start, the film maker would have contracted for the inclusion of the music, just as the film maker would have contracted for the story the film is based on etc. So long as it was legal to release the film under copyright, why should that change if the film becomes Public Domain?

Wikiphotographer: Why Yahoo selling canvas prints from my free images uploaded to Flickr doesn’t bother me””

Is E-Reading to Your Toddler Story Time, or Simply Screen Time?

Why Michael Keaton should watch Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies

Shame and Survival

On Archiving Tweets

GIGAOM: DRM is unfortunate, but it’s not the problem in Hachette vs. Amazon

Guardian: ‘My wife thinks I will come home in a box’ – and three days later Gaza bomb disposal expert was dead

For Ontario progressives — too much choice

LinkedIn Author Connect: when writing historical novels, the only thing which must remain untouched is the history of your time period. is that correct?

LinkedIn Author Connect: Spammer on Deck!

I loved every minute of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” films, but I only went to the first Hobbit Movie because my kid grew up with LotR and wanted to go. We all decided one was enough. It makes me sad to see what they are doing to it, and I couldn’t help commenting here: The Hobbit Reread: A Return for The Desolation of Smaug

Wikimedia Commons:Requests for comment/MP4 Video “A Voting System That Reflects Canada

Curation Galore: Copyright Infringement Infographic

Free Canada: A Proposal for Intellectual Property Rights

Tim Knight ~ Trudeau, the Rightful Grand Chief

The Huffington Post: Watching the Watchdog: Justin Trudeau Is the Man for the Job

It’s My Blog, Dammit: Of Julian A

Guardian: Instagram users begin fightback against stolen photos

Globe and Mail*: Canadian politics needs a commitment to gender parity

Globe and Mail*: When did it become wrong to punish hackers?

Mulcair takes charge of any talks on electoral cooperation, orders NDP MPs not to respond to Green Leader

Dawg’s Blawg: Stereotyping Attawapiskat

Julian Ichim: Solidairity Banner Drop with idle No More in KW above 401 #IdleNoMore

Scholarly Communications @ Duke: A big win for fair use and libraries

Jfhilborne’s Blog: Writing Challenges October 10, 2012

Fixing Canada’s Electoral System: Four Fallacies

Globe and Mail*: And now, a dangerous idea from Elizabeth May

Megaupload To DOJ: You Don’t Get To Make Up The Rules That Suit You

This is kind of like a comment 🙂 gocreate contest entry

TechDirt: Why Do The People Who Always Ask Us To ‘Respect’ Artists Seem To Have So Little Respect For Artists?

Siri Paulson’s blog: Women in A Game of Thrones

Are E-Books Saving the Environment 1 book at a time?

Christian Conservative: Maybe Canada needs a face mask law?

Leading as a Yes Author in a world of No

The Digital Prism: Are Albums Suitable For Digital Only Artists?

HoLo Brow: Guy Fawkes Mask-ology

open Do you use Creative Commons licenses?

Ariel Katz: The Best Possible Outcome for Universities, Really?

Not my idea of Consumer Power: My response to “Business Analytics Shifts Power to the Consumer”

Classic Confusion: The Worst Condiment

Mobileread “Public Domain and Copyright”

Sculpted Toronto: Sculpture #69 – Canadian Volunteers Monument

CBC: Is Bill C-11 the right way to reform copyright?

Design for Hackers: Why You Don’t Use Garamond on The Web

The Women’s Center: No, It’s Not a Secret.

Guardian: Muppet movies: their communist plots revealed

CSS-Tricks: This Site’s Domain is Stolen

Someone dressed as Police Officer goes to Red and Black. . . and other tales as the story continues

Speakeasy Science: About Pepper Spray

An Open Letter to Chancellor Katehi from a UC Davis Postdoctoral Scientist

One day after pepper-spraying, UC Davis students silently, peacefully confront Chancellor Katehi

Toronto Sun: Judge won’t toss evidence against Sonne

Patent vs. Copyright: Which is Worse?

Discover Magazine: Space station gives physics a boost

If WikiLeaks is dying, then the NYT is partly to blame

Globe and Mail*: Actors union talks up Canadian culture with MPs

Jean-Michel Jarre juge la loi Hadopi mal calibrée et veut taxer les FAI

Immoral Poachers and Their Indentured Servants

The Money illusion: Varieties of inequality

making epub happen: sigil user study

5 Reasons Mozilla Should Fund Diaspora ~ why does the media ignore Friendika and push this so hard?

Mashable: Steve Jobs Eulogy by “Last True Hacker” Goes Too Far

Globe and Mail*: Battleground Ontario: Key ridings to watch on election night

Jeremy Scheff: Jekyll and other static site generators are, currently, harmful to the free, open source software movement

Write More. Write Fast. Write now: Writers: Beware of New Sites Seeking Free Content

Copyhype: Spotify: What the EFF?

Eric Swett’s “My Writer’s Cramp” Book Review – Inconstant Moon … commenting on my novel’s first review!

Cultural Liberty: Copyleft Without Coercion²

New Share Button [note: JavaScript dependent page, I had to turn NoScript off to even be able to see the comments.]

21st Century Author: Publishing Your E-Book: A Quick How-To

J.A. Pak: The Dawn of the Ebook

Cherry Hinton Blues: The odd tale of Alphascript Publishing and Betascript Publishing

Michael Geist: “Canada’s Piracy Rate is at an All Time Low”

Politics Cafe: The perils of strategic voting

not very alice: Judging Quality

The Guardian: EU anger over ebook deal suggests hard times ahead for publishers

Ottawa Citizen: CRTC refuses to widen probe into Internet pricing

Productive Writers: Get Permission to Use Copyrighted Photos

nixCraft: Top 5 Linux Video Editor Software

Things I’ve Learned: eBook (ePub) Users Bill of Rights

Things I’ve Learned: “ePubs: Alright, we’re mad… how are we going to fix it?”

Business Insider: Libya Begins Internet Shutdown — Will Be Affected?

Buzz Machine: Clinton and the freedom to connect led to two — count them two — blog posts.

salon: Glenn Greenwald: The leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters

TechDirt: UK Commission Explains That Public Tweets Are Public

New Yorker: Is Twitter Helping in Egypt?

boingboing: Welcome to the Canadian Internet, now stop using it

Guardian: How novels came to terms with the internet

Edith Piaf- Public Domain music

Internet Evolution: Twitter Takes a Stand, But It’s Not Enough – When Half a Measure is Good Enough

New Berkman Paper on DDoS – silencing speech is easy, protecting it is hard

Globe and Mail*: Q&A: Birgitta Jonsdottir on Wikileaks and Twitter Anti-openness gifts: An open advocate’s confessions

Anil Dash: If You Didn’t Blog It, It Didn’t Happen

dsl reports: UBB & Primus

digital productions: To Communicate is To Copy

Oh Look, Police Can Investigate A Satirical Online Comment About Mythical Violence And Not Overreact

digital productions: Privacy is not Subject to Policy

Tom Watson: Assange v. Obama (the other Tom Watson)

Guardian: WikiLeaks website pulled by Amazon after US political pressure

The Guardian: US embassy cables: The job of the media is not to protect the powerful from embarrassment

boingboing: Menstruating woman subjected to TSA grope because panty-liner obscured her vagina on pornoscanner

Steven Berlin Johnson: Driven or Distracted?

Don’t TSA me, bro: Boing Boing open thread, and new rules for those who refuse patdown

The Tyee: Six Key Answers to Copyright Bill Questions

boingboing: Furrygirl’s sexy stripdown protest in Seattle airport mocking TSA security theater (NSFW video)

Guardian: Met closes down anti-police blog For those who think the ACTA isn’t a threat…

Techdirt: The Revolution Will Be Distributed: Wikileaks, Anonymous And How Little The Old Guard Realizes What’s Going On

Memo to Malcolm Gladwell: Nice Hair, But You Are Wrong

Teleread: Comic book artist finds sales increase after 4chan piracy

adambanksdotcom: Why I am not ashamed of Emmanuel Nimley
*Note: Adam Banks has verified that Emmanuel Nimley’s appear resulted in his sentence being commuted from 6 months jail time to 120 hours community service for the crime of video recording theatrical movies on his cell phone (!) and uploading them to p2p sites. Although this is not a criminal offense in the UK, Industry pressure resulted in statute stretching to achieve the original sentence. Very powerful article.

Pop The Stack: I Believe in Toronto

The Atlantic: Exclusive: Biz Stone on Twitter and Activism

The Guardian: “The real cost of free” by Cory Doctorow

Spark 122 – October 3 & 6, 2010

The Guardian: Agatha Christie: getting away with murder

brainiac: Gladwell: 140 characters are too few for my large thoughts … you think? Gladwell’s New Yorker piece annoyed me so much that I had to blog a rebuttal! Tie Theory

GRAMMY: Third Time’s The Charm”

TechDirt: Richard Dawkins Points Fan To The Pirate Bay To See His Latest Documentary

Movie Debuts In Theater And On The Pirate Bay (On Purpose)

TechDirt: Movie Producers Want Sole Ownership Of Facebook Fans

Descent into Darkness: ACTA hanging on a camembert ?

ACTA Text Leaks: U.S. Concedes on Secondary Liability, Wants To Go Beyond DMCA on Digital Locks

This Chrome extension is going to revolutionize the way I plagiarise the interwebs

Writers Groups Attack Fair Dealing Reform in Copyright Bill

Changing Way: eBooks, Open and Closed

Techdirt: Everyone Has Something To Hide: Why Privacy Is Important Even If ‘You’ve Done Nothing Wrong’

Wall Street Journal – What They Know Series: On the Web’s Cutting Edge, Anonymity in Name Only

The Guardian: Babies don’t suffer when mothers return to work, study reveals

With Change Comes… Anger? for this one my comments are waaaaaaay at the end (around comment #300….)

Business2: The Creative Commons

This one has me steamed… several percolating articles I’ve not had time to write. First IM proof, then blogging 🙂
Don’t fear the ebook bogeyman

Kassia Krozser’s Booksquare: Today in Publishing: A Skirmish

Kassia Krozser’s Booksquare: William Styron and Droit de Seigneur

boingboing: New Tron Legacy Trailer

Kate’s Book Blog: My Mind’s Eye Needs Glasses

p2pnet: Spying on Canada’s digital networks

Technology, Thoughts and Trinkets:Ole, Intellectual Property, and Taxing Canadian ISPs

Michael Geist: U.S. Caves on Anti-Circumvention Rules in ACTA

Torrent Freak: Dutch ISPs Don’t Have to Censor The Pirate Bay

Blogging Is To A Writer The Same As Masturbation Is To A Sex Addict

boingboing: Annotating the Canadian DMCA “Radical Extremist” speech

Graham Linehan: The genius behind The IT Crowd

Osgoode Hall Program: Bill C-32: Cracking Down on Bit Torrent Trackers Pirate Bay’s Founding Group ‘Piratbyrån’ Disbands

Note to Self: use Control + keys to make text of comment form BIG enough to read when proofing so as not to leave comments riddled with typos.

Osgoode Hall Program: Bill C-32: Improving Global Access to Copyrighted Material for the Print Disabled

ISP Attempt To Block File-Sharing Ends in Epic Failure

J.A. Konrath: Steal This Ebook

Digital Gravitas: The Times, They Are a Changin

365 of 35 Blog: BP is Not Haiti

Canada’s DMCA, dissected

Globe and Mail*: Tory bill cracks down on copyright pirates

Reddit Canada: Tips to Canadian redditors who oppose Harper’s bill Bill C-32 (from a redditor who’s worked on Parliament Hill reading & replying to constituent correspondence)

Michael Geist: An Unofficial User Guide to This Afternoon’s Copyright Bill

cbc online: Conservatives seek support on copyright

boingboing: Canada’s DMCA was designed to “satisfy US demand”

Search Engine with Jesse Brown: Audio Podcast #43: So Bored of Copyright

Michael Geist: “We Don’t Care What You Do, As Long as the U.S. Is Satisfied”

Michael Geist: DMCA-Style Reforms: “Not a Reasonable Policy To Foster Innovation or Respect for Copyright”

TorrentFreak: IsoHunt Forced to Shut Down in the US

boingboing: Canada’s sellout Heritage Minister ready to hand copyright to Hollywood

Mock Paper Scissors: A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

The Hollywood Reporter: Congress releases piracy ‘watch list’

Globe and Mail*: Illegal downloading: How do you explain it to the kids?

IT World Canada: ISPs may raise rates after CRTC ruling

The Hill: Lawmakers list havens for intellectual property theft

Michael Geist: National Post Reports “Heavy Handed” Copyright Law Coming Next Week

Michael Geist: CRTC of Old Re-Emerges in Music Station Case

Michael Geist: Digital Strategy Consultation’s Unasked Questions: Who Leads? Who Pays?

boingboing: Canadian Prime Minister promises to enact a Canadian DMCA in six weeks

Michael Geist: PMO Issues The Order: Canadian DMCA Bill Within Six Weeks

Michael Geist: USTR’s Bully Report Unfairly Blames Canada Again

Lords angered over three strikes rule for filesharers

Guardian: Creative industries, rights groups and lawyers react to digital economy bill

Guardian: Internet pirates find ‘bulletproof’ havens for illegal file sharing

Mobile Beat: Copyright 101: Licenses Required for Common Uses of Music on the Internet

Wall Street Journal: How to Make $55,000 by Giving Away Your Work


*NOTE: I do occasionally link to Globe and Mail articles, but readers can only read 10 articles per calendar month without paying, as Globe content is behind a pay wall.


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