“Inconstant Moon” ~ update: Libreleft Books Blog

The text Libreleft Books is above the gibbous moon and the text SelfPub below, on a blue field

Everything takes longer than I thought it would. Part of it is the learning curve.

Although I’m working at setting up the Inconstant Moon serialization blog, it is has proved far more difficult than anticipated. XHTML is one thing, PHP is something else again.

Part of what I’ve been wrestling has been my plan to include supporting material, background &tc. for Inconstant Moon. As well, from the outset I have always intended to blog about the experience, in hopes of helping others following this path. Any way you slice it, it is two very different sets of blog pages.

And then, of course, I’m nearly done the first draft of my next novel. As soon as Inconstant Moon is in the can, I’ll be getting back to the Girl In The Blue Flame Cafe. That’s when it It occurred to me that what I really need is a central Libreleft Books blog. It would, of course, provide the perfect place to gather all my self publishing tidbits. So, that’s what I’ve done today… well, yesterday into today. So it’s a beginning, and I am quite sure it will evolve, but it’s just a beginning.

So it isn’t just the learning curve. Not that I needed another blog, or anything…. ;D but the Libreleft Books Blog is begun.

Anyway, the birds are chirping and it’s gotten rather light out there, so I’d really better grab a bit of sleep before getting back to my serial theme.

[I won’t mention that between the computer crash and the upgrade, my serialzation blog seems to have been knocked about… ]

Oh, right; the tentative date for the Inconstant Moon release is Friday May 27th.