Ho! Ho! Ho!

He’s traveled the world under many different names…

Hand Made Santa Claus Door Hanger

Father Christmas… aka Kris Kringle… aka Sinterklaas… and in Canada he’s called Santa Claus

His image is derived from Coca Cola advertising of the 1930’s.

But the strands of his persona have been drawn together from legends and myths from around the world. Santa Claus is essentially a derivative creation that could have been deemed Intellectual Property and locked down in copyright many years ago.

Had his image had been made copyright, I doubt my amazing mother-in-law would have crafted this wonderful door hanger ornament from a bleach bottle oh so many years ago. In fact, I suspect a copyright Santa would have already gone the way of the Sony betamax machine.

[a “what machine?” ask the younger readers….]

Ralphie tells Santa Claus his wish
Ralphie vs. Santa Claus

Favorite Holiday Film:

A Christmas Story

Classic line:

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

Fortunately my family still has a working VHS VCR so we can continue to enjoy this wonderful movie.

Hopefully there will not be a day when DRM or anti-circumvention law will make it impossible for my family’s continued enjoyment of this classic Canadian film.